Do you care about creating a better world? I educate and empower people to bring their daily choices into alignment with values they already hold. Most people agree with living in a just and sustainable manner but often lack the information, tools, or guidance to effectively change their habits and make the biggest difference possible. I can help!

Are you curious about veganism? Having been raised vegan since birth with 15+ years of activism experience, I can answer any questions you have about vegan living! Is is sustainable? Healthy? Why do it? I can help! I make videos about what the science really says about veganism, and also discuss my experiences growing up vegan in a not-yet-vegan world.

Are you worried about the climate crisis? Care about sustainability and lowering your carbon footprint but unsure of how to do so or what food has to do with climate change? My latest project is an online-virtual summit that anyone can attend for FREE from anywhere! Learn what you can do to make a difference TODAY!