Sarina helps schools and
institutions empower people to live more sustainably and ethically

By 2050, we will need almost 3 planets worth of resources to sustain our current way of living.

Raising animals for food uses significantly more resources and contributes vastly more green house gas emissions and pollution to the atmosphere than growing and producing plant based foods do.

Additionally, nearly 10 Billion land animals are exploited, and killed every year in the US.

While 70% of young people are worried about climate change and our future, only 9% feel hopeful about changing things.

How do you help your students and employees feel more hopeful and like they as an individual CAN make a difference?

Sarina helps empower people with the science, facts, and tools to start living a more ethical and sustainable life and help individuals make the biggest difference possible with their daily actions.

“[after this class] I want to change my lifestyle and become vegan”.”
~Emily (high school student)

“This class was inspiring because it opened my eyes to how horribly the animals are treated”
~Jessie (high school student)

“This science educated woman is an excellent teacher, is intellectually brilliant, and has a memory for facts that does not fail her”
~Judy Carmen (Author, Peace to All Beings)


Sarina creates custom presentations and workshops for schools, universities, conferences, vegfest and more, about the science and ethics behind eating plant based. Her presentations especially focus on using plant-based diets to fight the climate crisis, why veganism is a social justice issue, and debunking myths around vegan living. As a previous high school science teacher and millennial herself, Sarina is especially interested in empowering young people to live vegan and help create supportive school environments that facility sustainable plant-based living.


  • Eating Away At the Climate Crisis: How we can heal the planet with our food choices
  • Food, Agriculture, and Society: Why Veganism is the Solution if We Care About Animals
  • The Power of Our Fork: How Our Food Choices Can Help Create a Healthy, Just, and Sustainable World
  • How Social Change Happens and Why a Vegan World is Coming
  • Born Vegan: Why I’m Grateful My Parents “Forced” Their Diet and Ethics on me”

  • Vegan 101: The What Why’s and How’s of Veganism. (This can be customized as a half day or full day workshop for high school students or institutions looking for in-depth education for a groups of individuals. The workshop includes films viewings, interactive activities, cooking demos and group discussions about the health, environmental, and ethical reasons to live vegan. This workshop also includes very practical skills, tips, and tricks to successfully transition to a plant-based diet)
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