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Do you care about climate change, sustainability, social injustice, and healthy living?

Did you know plant-based diets and veganism can can positively impact all of these issues?

As a former science teacher and vegan living expert, Sarina helps empower people to make more ethical daily choices and to bring their actions into alignment with their values.

Sarina’s keynotes and workshops can be delivered in-person or virtually to school assemblies, classrooms, universities, businesses and more.

In the age of the climate crisis Sarina is teaching people how to think critically and learn the truth about our food system and how we can all be part of creating a sustainable and just future.

Join the tribe and learn how you can make a difference today!

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I’m a scientist, educator, and activist based in Kansas City. I am on a mission to make the world a more peaceful, just, and sustainable place. Having been raised vegan since birth, I know with all my heart that another world is possible. One where we live in harmony with nature and our fellow earthlings and where violence towards animals is no longer normalized.

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Have questions about veganism?

My channel is the perfect place to the learn the “what”, “whys”, and “hows” of veganism from someone who’s been vegan since birth!

Want tips for going vegan? Or wondering if it’s safe and healthy to raise vegan children?

If you are ready to take the leap and start living a life in alignment with values of peace, justice, and sustainability — then you’ll want to binge this!

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Food Justice: The Real Victims

NOTE: I originally wrote this piece while in college, after receiving numerous criticisms of the vegan advocacy and tabling I was doing on campus. The piece was published in The Grinnell Underground Magazine. Imagine this scenario: You suddenly find yourself transported to a time or place where public stonings are legal and are a socially accepted form of capital punishment

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My Parents “Forced” Veganism On Me

NOTE: This piece was originally published on Ecorazzi on September 7th 2016 Recently, an Italian bill proposed jail time for parents irresponsibly imposing a vegan diet on their children. It has created a lot of buzz and discussion over whether vegan parents should be allowed to “force their values” on their children. A common theme in articles and commentary I have read

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An Open Letter To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Dear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, First of all, I just want to say what an inspiration you are! I have loved following your journey from winning your primary, to becoming the youngest woman to serve in the House of Representatives, to being featured all over the media. You are so articulate, unafraid to challenge the establishment, and a powerful speaker and advocate.

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