I’m Sarina and I’m a life long vegan! Being raised vegan in a non-vegan world has shaped my whole life in an incredible way. It has especially helped me to think critically about the world and look deeper past the face value of many things. A holistic perspective is everything to me, and I strongly dislike reductionism and thinking inside the box. This includes the boxes that people try to label me with, as I don’t fit neatly into almost any category. Given today’s social and political climate, I believe it is more important than ever that we remember to recognize the individuality of everyone we interact with.

I am passionate about making the world a more peaceful, compassionate, just, and sustainable place for all beings, and I believe that we as individuals and communities truly can and will change things.

In peace,



Sarina Farb is a life-long vegan and second generation activist with a passion for making the world a better place. She speaks publicly, organizes community workshops/events, and has published essays about growing up vegan and dealing with “pushback” to veganism.  Sarina previously worked with Tribe of Heart as the International Liaison, helping to make the award-winning animal films The Witness and Peaceable Kingdom: The journey Home understandable and accessible to people in as many cultures as possible. While with Tribe of Heart, she helped to launch the Global Tribal Cinema, a free, multi-lingual online video viewing platform. Sarina also founded AACT, a vegan group at Grinnell College, where she earned degrees in biochemistry and policy studies. Sarina currently resides in Kansas City where she teaches high school chemistry.